Jake (how we found and rescued him) December 30, 2014 15:59

Well technically he found us....

One late night in the early summer of 2009  I was watching the television around midnight.  Something caught the corner of my eye.  To my surprise, a small black lab mix puppy with a little white spot on his chest was staring at me through our window facing our backyard.  How did he make It into our fenced-in backyard?  We looked for his owners for a couple of weeks with no luck.  I'd never taken care of a dog much less owned one; although I always wanted too.  We took him in and are blessed to have him.  Jake has made our lives much richer and certainly full of excitement.

Jake and my wife Lauren the day after he found us.  We couldn't decide on a name for quite some time.  At this time, he was known as Puppy.  Lauren was in love with him the moment she laid eyes on him. Who could blame her?


 Jake learned at an early age that the kitchen was the place to be if you wanted something tasty.  He is one smart dog, as we would learn over time.


As dog owners, my wife and I needed to help Jake learn a thing a two about how to be a smart and obedient dog.  We enrolled him in to dog training classes at PetSmart and he graduated with honors.  He looks so astute in his graduation cap.  Thank you Joy Keller for all of your excellent help in training us to be good dog owners.


lauren jerome jake

We discovered a very nice dog park near our area that has a little pond.  Soon we realized that Jake was a gifted jumper.  He knows how to put those extra long legs to good use and puts on a great show for those at the park.




Jake enjoying the sunrise on the beach at Hilton Head, SC.

Naturally we had to get a pool in the backyard.  Until we can put in a nice underground pool, an above ground pool will have to do.  Jake and his mommy love their pool. 

jake lauren 

There is a lot more to share about Jake.  In time, I will add a lot more details about our adventures; including the addition of his best girl and partner in crime Riley

jake riley

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