Is that a Puppy? December 31, 2014 13:03 1 Comment

We were temporarily living in Houston and up early to grab some breakfast.  On the drive home down a very busy road we see what appears to be a very tiny animal that could be a piglet or puppy staggering alongside the road. I just catch the animal out of the corner of my eye but there was no mistaking it.  No way we were leaving that poor baby out there all alone left for dead.  I put on the brakes and we turned around to pick it up. Our fear was that it might not survive before with had a chance to get there with the amount of traffic zooming by at 60 mph plus.    

When we pulled over, the animal wasn't there.  With a little luck, we found her sitting in the tall grass. It was a tiny puppy, and immediately we noticed the unmistakable ridge along her back. She was only 4 weeks old and weighed 6 lbs with mange all over her body. There wasn't a house nearby where we found her but we posted signs everywhere just in case.  We never heard from anyone.  Our only guess is that she was the runt of the litter and someone dumped her.  The pictures below are ones that we took the day we brought her home. Her and Jake bonded immediately.

Riley as we found her.     

Jake and Riley playing on the floor together.

The poor baby couldn't stop itching.  It didn't take long for All OF US to start itching.  Vets misdiagnosed her and after a second opinion, mange was successfully treated.  A helpful tidbit on dog mange. It really hard to see the mites on their skin, so most vets treat based on symptoms. If a dog is itching excessively it's likely mange.  Treating it is simple and fast. We used Revolution and it was extremely effective.  

She immediately started eating her body weight in food and sleeping A LOT.  Still does.   

Riley as a small puppy sleeping upside down on the couch.

 Cute photo of Riley staring at the camera under a chair in the backyard.

A few weeks later, she was a pretty little witch for Halloween.  We decided to name her Riley based on the road we rescued her on.  

Riley in her Halloween witch costume.

She grew so fast.  Within a couple of weeks, she started to become too heavy to pick up.  Below is a picture of her and her "daddy".  

Riley resting her pretty head on Jerome's shoulder.

She loves her Jakey Boy.  They are inseparable.  Good thing for us, they keep each other entertained playing the house and in the backyard.  Sparring is a regular thing in our household. 

Jake and Riley, a little bit older, posing for a photo in our backyard.

Ridgebacks are an interesting breed.  She is very sweet, sensitive, yet strong willed and determined. It's a interesting combination. For those who have Ridgebacks, I'm sure you can relate. 

Riley with her head sticking out of a cat play toy she destroyed.

A couple of months later...She still likes to sleep.

Riley sleeping on our bed showing her beautiful ridge on her back.

Her and our cat Daisy are also very close. Love is probably not a strong enough word. I often catch them snuggling up with one another. 

Riley sleeping on the coach along side Daisy our cat.

Pretty girl next to her best man Jake.  In one year, she now out weighs him at 83 lbs. Her and her one year flipped back; her signature pose. 

Jake and Riley in our backyard one year after we rescued her.  She has grown to be a big and beautiful dog.

It's hard to imagine how small and pitiful she was only a year ago when we rescued her.  She has been a blessing. Dogs are amazing creatures and return the love they receive 1000 times over.

Riley as a small puppy showing how much she has grown since we rescued her.