Early NCAA Basketball Tourney Bracketology February 11, 2015 12:44

Well darn, football season is over.  It came and left so quickly.  The good news is that it's the time of year again to start thinking about your NCAA basketball tournament bracket(s).  "Selection Sunday" is March 15th and teams are neck-deep vying to stamp their ticket to the tournament that always manages to deliver everything that makes college sports so great: excitement, drama, tradition, upsets, and cinderella stories.  As much as I love football, I have always appreciated the parity that comes with NCAA basketball.  A sport where millions aren't necessary to spend on facilities and a sport where a team can go from a bottom-feeder in a conference to conference champion with the right offseason improvements; namely the signing of a great coach and/or a great recruiting class.  And until this past year, NCAA basketball was the only college power-sport to offer a true champion won on the field.  Thank god for college football playoffs.  But that's for another blog.

Back to the 2015 NCAA basketball tournament.  With a little over a month away from team selections, we are starting to see a few early bracket projections being distributed by the media....to wet our appetite.  Lets take a look at ESPN's Joe Lunardi's recent bracket projections.   Joe lists his number one seeds as Kentucky, Virginia, Duke and Gonzaga.  His #2 seeds are Kansas, Villanova, Arizona and Wisconsin.    Where it gets really exciting, teams on the bubble, include: LSU, Seton Hall, Texas A&M, Colorado State, Temple, Old Dominion, Illinois, Miami, UCLA, St. Johns, Georgia Washington, Purdue, and the last few teams hanging on by a thread are Boise St., Oregon, Rhode Island, and Davidson.  

Only 68 teams will punch their ticket to the big dance.  The next few weeks should be exciting.  Sure it's not football season any more, but from a true sports fan, the NCAA basketball tourney is one of the best times of the year.