Jake Knows All February 20, 2015 13:14

A dog's intelligence never ceases to amaze me.  It can be a challenge at times if you own a dog that is at times too smart for his own good.  Well, you can't get anything past our dog Jake.  Case in point, I find a little scrape on his back leg from playing rough with Riley in our backyard.  He's always attached to me like bubble gum on a shoe.  He was waiting for me to get out of the bathroom.  I decided to get a cotton ball out of the drawer to apply some antiseptic to his scrape.  Knowing Jake, I was very careful not to make hardly any sound while pulling out the drawer to remove the cotton ball and open the cabinet to grab the bottle of antiseptic.  He knows that those sounds usually mean he's getting his ear's cleaned.  Well, sure enough, when I opened the door with cotton ball in hand, Jake wasn't sitting there anymore.  Not surprised I found him curled up in fetal position hiding beside our bed and the look of terror in his eyes when I came around the corner and spotted him.  He was very happy to learn that I wasn't cleaning his ears.