The University of Tennessee Mascot "Smokey" February 25, 2015 18:00

It’s time for another addition to our tribute to live college dog mascots.  In this blog post we will pay homage to The University of Tennessee Volunteer's mascot “Smokey”.  Smokey is a Bluetick Coonhound which are usually bred to be hunting dogs. They are very athletic and intelligent and are most happy when they have a task/job to do.  Like most hound dogs, they are very intelligent and have a knack for problem-solving. 

Tennessee Mascot Smokey

The original Smokey was selected as the Tennessee Vols mascot after a student poll in 1953. During halftime of a Mississippi State game, several hounds local to the Tennessee area were presented for a vote and "Blue Smokey", owned by a Rev. Bill Brooks, howled very loudly when introduced last and the students cheered and selected Smokey as the mascot.  Blue Smokey’s tenure as the Tennessee Volunteers dog mascot ran from 1953-1954. 

Blue Smokey

There have been 10 “Smokey” mascots with the current one “Smokey X” beginning his reign in 2013-present.

Tennessee Vols Mascot Smokey X

Exciting events in history for Smokey involved an incident in 1955 where Smokey II was dognapped by students of The University of Kentucky.  Smokey II wasn't done as he later survived a confrontation with the Baylor University Bear mascot at the 1957 Sugar Bowl.  Dog vs Bear is not a matchup in Smokey’s favor. 

1957 Sugar Bowl Live Mascot Incident Smokey versus Bear

We absolutely adore Smokey.  He embodies so many excellent traits that make us love dogs: athletic, smart and just entertaining overall.  

Go Vols!

Tennessee Vols Mascot Smokey at Football Game