Texas A&M Aggies Mascot Reveille March 12, 2015 18:45

In our next installment of looking at the different live dog mascots at colleges and universities, we feature one that is near and dear to my heart, Reveille.  


Reveille is Texas A&M University's official mascot and has been since 1931. Although most people recognize the beautiful Rough Collie with it's flowing mane and distinctive, soft and proud look as the official breed of dog, and they are correct; this hasn't always been the case.  In fact, the very first "Rev" was a mixed-breed (mutt).  The story goes that a group of students who were in the school's band were returning from a party when they accidentally hit a stray dog.  They took the dog in with the intention of taking the injured dog to the school's vet clinic the following day.  At the break of dawn, the bugle call sounded with the traditional playing of First Call "Reveille" when the dog started to bark hence her given name.  Up until the 1960's Texas A&M University was an all-male school with mandatory participation in the Corps of Cadets for all students which explains the bugle call.  

During the opening of the football season, Reveille led the band onto Kyle Field for their halftime performance and this was the beginning of her service as the official mascot of TAMU.  Due to the number of officers and soldiers Texas A&M put into service during WWII, Reveille was given the honorary title of Cadet General by the US Army.  Reveille is cared for by a selected member of the Corps of Cadets in Company E-2, known as the "mascot company". Reveille never leaves the side of her caretaker.  Fact, Reveille is the highest-ranking member in the Corps of Cadets and must be addressed as Miss Rev, Ma'am. By tradition, if she barks in class, that session is canceled. I would imagine students in class tease her to get her to bark during test day.

Texas A&M Mascot Reveille I

The first rough collie Reveille to represent Texas A&M was Reveille III during her tenure from 1966-1975.  This was during a time where a lot of change was happening at Texas A&M University.  In fact, it was in 1963 that the school went from being called Texas Agriculture and Mechanical College to officially becoming Texas A&M University (with the A and the M symbolic and not representing agriculture and mechanical).  During this time, A&M also began to allow women and minorities to attend the school and made joining the Corps of Cadets optional.  All of these changes, under the leadership of then Texas A&M University President General James Earl Rudder, would facilitate an unprecedented explosion of growth in the campus' expansion and enrollment continuing today. 


When Reveille passes away, she is buried in a special cemetery where all other Reveille's are also laid to rest near Kyle Field.

Reveille Cemetary

As I write this blog there have been a total of eight Reveilles to serve as mascots of TAMU.  This week, Texas A&M selected the next dog to serve as the next "First Lady of A&M" Reveille IX. She is sixteen months old and was selected by a 12-person committee.  A short video below gives a little sneak peak at Reveille IX.  Gig 'em.