Congrats to Duke University April 07, 2015 15:53

We'd like to extend hearty congratulations to the Duke University men's basketball team for their 2014-2015 NCAA championship with a victory over the Wisconsin Badgers 68-63. For a while there, we weren't sure if anyone would be able to contain the Badger's 7 foot tall beast Frank Kaminsky who at times would appear to simply take over games with his formidable play in the paint and excellent perimeter game "for a big guy".  For a tight game for most of its duration, Duke simply took the game over during the final minutes to close out the victory led by the Freshman Tyrus Jones who looked anything like a freshman out there on the court. What an amazing tournament and season of college basketball.  

April is now upon us and the Madness of March has subsided.  Aside for the folks who follow college baseball, most of us are truly entering the doldrums of college sports deprivation.  It's time to hunker down and hibernate during the dog days of summer until we can all get our college sports fix again with the start of the 2015-2016 college football season.