Official College Football Preseason Poll August 09, 2015 17:04

College football is getting within sniffing distance and we are getting very excited about it.  To celebrate the event, we are releasing our inaugural college football preseason poll.  It is based on a number of scientific data points run through an algorithm only our very own super computer could process.

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you don't want to know the outcome of the college football season, stop reading now.

OK, you have been warned.  Here are the results of our poll. It's only the top 10 because really everyone else isn't really all that good and worth mentioning.

#10 - Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (excellent ground and pound game)

#9 - Yale Bulldogs (outwitting their opponents to victory)

#8 - Washington Huskies (they are bound to be good again at some point)

#7 - Northeastern University Huskies (see #8)

#6 - Mississippi State Bulldogs (Dak is back and has taken his lumps to get here)

#5 - UConn Huskies (basketball players are rumored to be suiting up this year)

#4 - Northern Illinois Huskies (opposing teams mistakenly preparing to play Illinois University)

#3 - Fresno State Bulldogs (finally living up to their anytime, anywhere mantra)

#2 - Georgia Bulldogs (Coach Mark Richt is just so good looking don't ya think ladies?)


and finally


#1 - Ohio State Buckeyes (Coach Urban Meyer will continue to lull his opponents to sleep and win the championship game on Jan 11, 2016).

So there you have it. We will still watch the season play out for all the drama and excitement but make no mistake, our system of ranking is nearly perfect 99.999999% of the time and just as accurate as any other preseason poll.