Sharing Your Food with Your Dog January 29, 2016 16:22

It all seemed innocent and kind to share just a little taste of the food I was eating with my dog Jake.  That was a BIG MISTAKE. That choice has haunted me ever since. I wish I would have listened to those before me to not feed the dog scraps. Now, I live the nightmare that is a dog that begs every single time I eat anything. 

 Game Day Dogs

Sure it's easy to say just don't feed him. But you don't know the guilt trip Jake knows how to play on me. You see, Jake's entire world revolves around food.  It would appear that most of that food is whatever I am eating at the time.  His actual dog food is just snacks in-between meals. If I don't give him at least a little bite of what I'm eating, he knows exactly the right look to give me to let me know I don't love him enough to share what he wants so very badly. At least that's the angle he plays so well.

Too late, but lesson learned. Once a dog tastes how good our food tastes the damage has been done. I deserve every stare down I get for giving into the guilt-trip he played on me. For those who don't have a dog and are thinking about getting one you might want to consider eating out for every meal to avoid this torture.  Other option is to leave your dog outside, but that is a whole other lesson learned and for another blog post.

game day dogs

By the way, friendly reminder of what dogs absolutely should not eat (or drink) that could kill them: chocolate, grapes, raisins, avocado (guacamole), onions, garlic, caffeine (coffee, sodas), alcohol, macadamia nuts, cooked bones or any fish bones.

Bon Appetit