If you anything like us, you will wait until a week before Christmas to do your Christmas shopping. With more people shopping online, it's even more important to consider planning your shopping much earlier than usual to allow for the shipping time. Even with a little bit of added pressure when a shorter deadline, with just about everything available online these days, you can really save yourself time and energy by doing a big portion of your holiday shopping online. Below are some helpful tips and reminders to improve your online shopping this Holiday Season.


  • Look for FREE SHIPPING. Be mindful of misleading cheap prices on items that when added to your cart end up being much more expensive. Free shipping is an attractive option to consumers and with many vendors to choose from, this often can make the difference. Just be sure to understand their terms. Often even vendors who offer Free shipping can put restrictions such as a minimum purchase  amount or product exclusions.  GAMEDAY DOGS offers Free Shipping on all items shipped in the US.

  • Pay attention to the vendor's return and exchange policies. Most companies will offer some form of return option for items purchased from their store within a restricted period of time. Be sure that you agree with these terms and understand the time limit on these options. Some stores offer free returns and others require some form of payment for any return to their store. Simply taking the time to read their policy on returns can save you a lot of headache down the road if something isn't quite right with the purchase. GAMEDAY DOGS offers a 30-day free size exchange policy to provide customers with an opportunity to ensure the product size is just right for their dog.

  • Look into the company's reputation. What do the customer reviews say about the store. How long has the company been in business? Being a start-up company isn't necessarily a deal breaker but be mindful that if a company has been in business a least a little bit, you have a better chance of them being around if or when you need customer service. Also, things are bound to happen from time to time to make a customer upset; however, if you see a trend in negative reviews for a company that's been around for even a short period of time, it's probably best to choose another store. That's the great thing with shopping online, you have other options just a few clicks away! GAMEDAY DOGS currently has 53 reviews with a 98% positive rating. 

  • Look for secure payment gateways. There are several options for store to secure their customers' online payments. Normally this will be represented in the form of a badge located on the website. With online identify at all-time highs and growing, protect yourself by shopping exclusively at stores with encrypted-secured payment transactions. GAMEDAY DOGS has SSL encryption protection for all transactions.

These suggestions aren't new revelations; however, it's a good reminder to continue to be a savvy online shopper and with the ease of online store comparison, just a little bit of homework can go a long way to saving you a lot of misery in the long run. It will also help you stretch your dollar during the spending frenzy of the Christmas Season. GAMEDAY DOGS offers a wide variety of collegiate dog apparel and accessories that make excellent Christmas gifts. Take a peak at our product selection.

Happy Holidays