Why Your Dog Should Wear a Jersey August 01, 2016 13:02

When it's the big day and your team is about to take on your rival in the game of the year what do you do differently?  Do you put flags on your vehicle for the day to show your school pride? How about put on your favorite team shirt or jersey? This good luck charm has probably worked a time or two and better to wear it than take any chances right?
Does your dog want a dog jersey? Have you asked him lately?  What better way to show your team spirit than to get your pup dressed up for the big game? Whether attending a tailgate at the game or a house party, everyone loves seeing a dog wearing school colors.  If a jersey isn't your pup's thing, try a dog dressdog shirt or a dog sweaterGAMEDAY DOGS has a wide selection of schools and sizes to choose from. Of course you already have a team dog collar so those two items will go together beautifully. Your pup can't tell you but I bet he/she will love it and walk around proud strutting their stuff on Gameday.