Product Size Selection Guide

What Size Product Do You Need?

The dog species is unprecedented in the shear number of different sizes and shapes they exhibit from one dog breed to the next. That's why it can be challenging when ordering a garment based on a (small, medium and large) label. It's hard enough sometimes to decide what size of dog collar Fido needs. It can be much more difficult when choosing a jersey, dress or shirt. Below is a product size selection chart for jerseys, shirts and dresses and another for collars. It's a much more pleasant shopping experience when you can order the correct size product the first time around; eliminating the time and cost of shipping items back for exchange. Please take a few minutes to review these charts and a few helpful tips to help you make the right choice today.   

Measurement Method and Tips:

Jerseys, Shirts, Dresses 

Take the time to measure your pet. If you don't have a measuring tape handy, we recommend using a long-enough string (shoe string works in a pinch for small dogs) to wrap around the pets neck / torso; depending on the product to be ordered.  Be sure and pull the string / tape tight enough to not leave too much excess space between the pets fur and the string, but not too tight. Use the picture above to determine the best position to take the measurement. Read the measurement on the tape or if you used a string, simply align the string up against a yard-stick, ruler, or whatever measuring tape you have accessible and read and record the measurement. As any good carpenter says, measure twice. Measure the dog's girth right behind their front legs all the way around to the top of their back. Use this measurement and the pup's weight to determine the right size for your dog.  


For collars, simply wrap the measuring tape or string around the dog's neck where the collar will rest. Use this measurement to determine what size is right for the pup. There is some judgment needed however. For example, if you pet's neck is 14 inches around, simply look at the chart and you can see that 14 inches falls between (looking at Length) both the small (8-14") and medium (12-20"). Here is where your judgment comes into play. Did you accurately measure the neck? Is the pet going to be growing much more? If the dog is full grown and you have faith in your measurement, then I would suggest picking the small. Our experience has been people tend to need smaller collars than they originally thought. If, however, it's a puppy and like most puppies, will grow like a weed over the next couple of months, I would recommend ordering the medium.  

If all else fails and you ordered the wrong size, no need to worry. GAMEDAY DOGS will exchange your product at no cost to you. Please see our exchange/return policy for full details.  

We hope this information helps you to choose the right product today.